Main Line Food has experienced the global rise in sports nutrition sector, and our aim is to supply you with a wide range of ingredients to meet this uplift. We are also aware that more and more innovations are coming onto the market regularly and will ensure our product offering adapts to stay in line with these trends to help you satisfy your customers' every need.

Amino Acids

We supply a comprehensive range of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein, essential in almost all biological processes.


We carry a full range of botanical extracts and powders in various compositions and ratios.

Joint Care

We offer a full range of products to assist mobility and support the human body.


We supply the full suite of vitamins to supply all your needs.


Our full range of dietary supplements includes amino acids, vitamins, botanicals and mineral salts. In this ever-changing market, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all changes and in matters of quality sourcing and legislative development.


Additives are a growth sector; we are perfectly placed to be your supply partner as the market rises.

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