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Main Line Food is a distributor of raw ingredients for the food, healthcare, sports and companion animal nutrition industries. We have the experience, capacity and flexibility to offer our customers a complete and streamlined solution to your supply needs. We offer a wide range of products used by multinational companies, and constantly change our offerings to suit our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on working with our clients in evolving and adding value to their business.

15 Years Experience

We have over 15 years experience in trading internationally from China - let us assist you navigating all aspects of working with the Chinese market, and help you traverse Global business divergences.

Split loads

We have the capacity to ship loads of mixed products in full containers, which gives us the flexibility to cater to your exact needs, promoting better efficiency in your ingredient's supply chain.

Multi currency
payment options

Crucially, we know that our customers need the reliability and predictability when it comes to payments too - and that's why we offer our customers the ability to pay in any one of four currencies - RMB, USD, EUR and GBP - which takes away the risk and uncertainty that comes with currency exchange rates.

A bridge to the
Chinese market

Let us guide you into and around the world's biggest export market. We can help you navigate your way around the regulations, language and cultural differences.

Chinese company,
International experience

We are an outward looking company, with deep sectoral knowledge of our market and yours. We know how to help you make the most of your business in your market.

Product range used
by multinationals

We stock the best, most innovative and most useful ingredients suited to your market. We constantly examine and update our offerings to reflect the needs of our customers.

Tailored to you

We listen to your needs, whatever they may be - What product, when, how and in what form. We are a customer-focused company committed to supporting our clients.

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    Registered Office: Room 502,No 6 Ji Long Road,China(Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
    注册地址:中国(上海)自由贸易实验区基隆路6号外高桥大厦502室 邮编200120

    Operational Office: 2601 Finehome Plaza,No 1 Huaihai Road,Huaian,Jiangsu,China
    办公地址:江苏省淮安市淮海东路1号丰惠广场2601 PC 223001